September 5, 2023

Regardless of your belief in UFOs/UAPs, a new study finds that there is an invading species populating the planet and it’s costing the global economy billions of dollars and causing environmental chaos to boot; Seems North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has figured out to become a military powerhouse he needs to team up with a like-minded ally — and he’s found a willing partner with a desperate Putin; Air pollution is having far more consequences than just for humans and that’s bad news for our food chain; and One couple wants to do their part to help people spot potential skin cancer before it becomes deadly. Go beyond the headlines…

Invasive species cost the world $423 billion every year and are causing environmental chaos, UN report finds

Putin and Kim Jong Un plan to meet to talk military cooperation: officials

Student Loan Cancellation Update: How to Appeal for Forgiveness

Federal deficit unexpectedly set to double this year

How did abuse get baked into the restaurant industry?

Air pollution prevents pollinators from finding flowers, study shows

Caffeine in Your Blood May Affect Body Fat And Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

Couple creates new app aimed to spot skin cancer faster

Farms with natural landscape features provide sanctuary for some Costa Rica rainforest birds

3,000-year-old tomb of shaman who may have mediated ‘between spiritual and earthly worlds’ found in Peru

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