September 6, 2023

If you fill with dread every time you have a scratchy throat, body aches and wheeze then chances are you might have a few old Covid tests lying around in the kitchen junk drawer. (I know you have one.) But what if the expiration date has already passed on those boxes? Do you throw them out? Not so fast says the FDA; The world over people are on the move fleeing climate change, war, oppressive regimes, etc. The latest UN data shows that because of the fighting in Sudan people are fleeing — in HUGE numbers; New study shows that if you grew up in a segregated neighborhood you might find higher levels of a particular element in your blood; and Ever write notes to yourself then email them to yourself? Well, a new app takes sending notes to yourself to a whole new level and lets you slip into your own DMs! Go beyond the headlines…

How to check if old or expired COVID-19 tests still work

More than 5 million people have been displaced by monthslong conflict in Sudan, UN agency says

The Hidden Suicide Epidemic Among U.S. Veterans

Proud Boys leader gets 22 years in prison, longest Jan. 6 sentence yet

Kids in segregated neighborhoods have higher blood lead levels

Research finds global surge in cancers among the under 50s over past three decades

A ‘flower burial’ unearthed in 1960 reshaped the study of Neanderthals. A new discovery calls it into question

This new note-taking app lets you DM yourself

Cuba uncovers Russia-Ukraine war trafficking ring

Mexico City lights up for Independence Day festivities

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