September 8, 2023

We already know that sugary drinks are bad for our waistlines but a new study highlights the risk it poses to our mental health; It’s well known that Russia has developed a sophisticated network of cyber terrorists. So, it’s rich that Russia would warn of “all-out war” with the US when we fight back in cyberspace; Hate speech on social media platforms has been a real problem. Now, one group wants to make sure AI doesn’t contribute to the problem; Hear of China’s Qing Dynasty? Maybe in some Mummy movie but the dynasty wasn’t fiction. It was a real empire that met an untimely end. Researchers studying that period of time are finding, unfortunately, familiar problems in today’s society that brought the downfall of the Qing Dynasty. They’re raising the alarm that we could be on the same path — and have the same outcome; Children’s literacy rates have dropped because of the pandemic but a new AI platform wants to be a child’s reading coach. Go beyond the headlines…

New study shows sugary drinks may be linked to depression risk

Russia Warns ‘All-Out War’ with US Could Erupt Over Worsening Cyber Clashes

Trump’s border wall caused ‘significant’ cultural, environmental damage, watchdog finds

Residents of four states will get more information about flood risk to their homes

Civil rights group starts center to monitor AI for hate speech

Temperature-related deaths could rise five-fold by the end of this century in the US

China’s Qing Dynasty Collapsed For Reasons That Feel Eerily Familiar

AI reading coach startup Ello raises $15M to bolster child literacy

11,000 runners disqualified from Mexico City Marathon for cheating

Unicef sounds alarm as record numbers of children cross dangerous Darién Gap

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