September 11, 2023

Today marks the saddest anniversary in modern US history — 9/11. Unfortunately, as the war rages on in Ukraine, and other parts of the world, we are reminded that attacks and anniversaries such as 9/11 riddle world history. Ideally, we should learn from these attacks. Not how better to defend ourselves but what motivates certain individuals to inflict harm on others to get what they want and convince so many followers to take up their selfish cause. It’s time more ‘woke’ up to the fact that the most evil among us have learned how to manipulate and lie to accomplish their goals and discard those foolish enough to follow them; One area of the world facing destabilization is Africa. One publication asks, “What’s behind Africa’s recent coups?”; Preschoolers are competitive and can share. Just how much depends on their home culture; Did NASA just get one step closer to making Mars habitable for humans?; and It seems Brazil had their own 9/11 style hijacking back in 1988. Why didn’t we hear about it? Because it failed. Go beyond the headlines…

22 years later, teachers reflect on how 9/11 is remembered in the classroom

What’s behind Africa’s recent coups

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Electric cars have a road trip problem, even for the secretary of energy

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Preschoolers show cultural differences in generosity, competitiveness

In a 1st, NASA’s Perseverance rover makes breathable oxygen on Mars

988 Lifeline now available in American Sign Language

AMLO: US to reinstate Mexico’s Category 1 aviation safety rating

A Brazilian 9/11’: film tells little-known story of failed 1988 hijacking

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