September 9, 2022

Border state governors, notably Texas’ governor leading the way, continue to emulate their leader Trump by bussing migrants, many asylum seekers, north to drive home the point that undocumented arrivals tax local resources. However much this is a political stunt, it does illustrate the fact that migrants pose an economic burden on local communities, even if communities are prepared. So, it stirs up mixed emotion when I hear the news that Washington DC’s mayor, a city that has declared itself a Sanctuary City, declaring a public emergency over the arrival of the migrants. Clearly, it’s not enough to commit yourself a sympathizer to the migrants’ plight but, going forward, cities should share equally in the economic burden unauthorized migrant arrivals bring. In the process, a solution to illegal immigration could be found, not just for the migrants and border states, but for the nation’s labor problems and local economies. Migrants never arrive without foreseeing themselves working to make better lives for themselves. Now, it’s time that we all help with that portion of the American Dream; Also, sadly, a record number of migrants are dying crossing the US-Mexico border; The trouble with fanatic politics is that there is no allowance for nuances and exceptions. Case in point, the anti-abortion frenzy pushed by ultra-conservatives. Clinics in states that continue allowing abortions are seeing a deadly trend; Clearly, in some parts of the country heat is taking a toll. Researchers show us all how to get a better night’s sleep amid the heat; and Ever outside and see an insect, plant, bird or other unfamiliar animal and wonder What the Heck is That? Wonder no more! You know it: There’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

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