September 12, 2022

In recent surveys, both global and home, opinion is increasingly mirroring the declining state of the US quality of life. It really has nothing to do with the current global inflation wave drowning us and other countries. This decline started long before. It started when politicians put personal greed for wealth and influence over the interests of Americans. It started when politicians became indebted to medical insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry and all industries that used their wealth to buy votes and corrupt already weak politicians. This kind of corruption that promotes self-interest over the Common Good has spun off the most dangerous kind of corruption we face as a nation today: Those who would deny and dismantle our democratic form of government. Kind of ironic that people polled can complain about the disintegrating value of our healthcare system but can’t see that same disintegration happening to our democracy; Ukrainians are fighters and what they did over the weekend validates our investment in them; So, we have some White Nationalists/Trump Loyalists/Radical Conservatives among the ranks of the Border Patrol in West Texas, and elsewhere most probably. How do we know? By the incredibly stupid thing they did; While Congress is trying to compel the Pentagon and military branches to come clean with their UFO footage, one branch is confessing to having more video and vowing not to share; One Mexican grandmother ‘steams’ ahead with over 4 million YouTube subscribers. Go beyond the headlines…

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Navy Has more UFO Videos and Says All Are Classified, Releasing Them ‘Will Harm National Security’

Scientists discover how air pollution triggers lung cancer in non-smokers

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Doña Ángela: a Michoacán abuelita with over 4 million YouTube subscribers

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