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Today’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Optimizing your sun experience

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Campaign: Optimizing your sun experience

Growing evidence has shown that vitamin D is vital for good overall health. Many studies have linked vitamin D deficiency to numerous diseases, including cancers. Your body can make its own vitamin D when you expose your skin to sunlight.

Violet is the first wearable device that provides customized user guidance on optimal sun exposure.

In sync with a mobile phone app, Violet monitors real-time UV exposure, relays alerts before the measured UV dosage approaches a limit, and calculates a person’s daily natural vitamin D production. By measuring both detrimental and beneficial effects of UV light, Violet helps achieve optimal sun balance.

Violet is not just another gadget to generate data. It is designed as a solution to encourage behavioral change toward better health by minimizing the risks while maximizing the benefits of sunlight exposure. The goal is to help people safely enjoy the sun without fear and to “live ultra healthy.”

The campaign’s goal is $100,000 and ends August 21.

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