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Intrn’l Video: Peruvian filmmaker finds there’s no place like home for cinematic inspiration

Intrn’l Video: Peruvian filmmaker finds there’s no place like home for cinematic inspiration

LatinaLista — Graduate film student Julio Ramos came all the way from his native Lima, Peru to Los Angeles, California to get his Master’s of Fine Arts degree at UCLA. Yet, when it comes to where he draws his inspiration for his films, there’s no place like home. In fact, it was while sitting in

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Viernes Video: New bilingual comedy follows the love trail of ’200 Cartas’

LatinaLista — What happens when a guy meets the girl of his dreams in a crowded New York City bar, but before he can profess his love, they get separated and he knows only two things about her — her name and where she lives. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t pose a huge problem but with a

Documentary ‘Harvest of Empire,’ like its protagonists, travel a winding path to achieve a Hollywood Dream

By Luis Carlos López Hispanic Link News Service Neither Rome nor Hollywood was built in a day. With this rationale and a prayer, Eduardo López continues to promote his documentary Harvest of Empire. Completed this year after nearly a decade in the making, it was denied entrance to such major film festivals as Sundance and

New site makes sure everyone takes notice of Latinos in Hollywood

LatinaLista — Hollywood and Latinos used to be considered an oxymoron. Gradually, things have changed. Now more Latinos and Latinas are starring in primetime TV shows, co-starring in big screen films, appearing on cable TV shows, producing, writing and directing their own films and creating their own web series. Yet, because the TV Guides of

Latinos: A Better Life Awaits Us

By Miguel Orozco After seeing one of the best films since Gregory Nava’s El Norte, feelings of pride and personal connection disappeared when I realized that this powerful film called A Better Life, with an all-Latino cast and already garnering positive reviews, may not be seen by millions of Latinos unless we take action and