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New film chronicling impact of state-sponsored immigration laws urgently needs help to finish before deadline

LatinaLista — When it comes to state mandated immigration enforcement, two states that top the list of literally trying to drive out undocumented immigrants, and make Latino residents uncomfortable, are Arizona and Oklahoma.
What’s happening in Arizona is more widely known courtesy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio but little is really known about what’s happening in the Sooner State.

What is known is that Republican leadership in the state passed a bill now known simply as 1804. It embodies the most harsh penalties levied against undocumented immigrants and anyone who employs or even lends them a helping hand.
Watching how states are trying to enforce their own immigration measures is like watching a horror movie — and that’s the idea behind filmmaker George Adams latest movie entitled “Panic Nation.”

Various states began passing laws, on their own, targeting the problem of illegal immigration. In the eyes of some American citizens, state sponsored laws are the answer to their prayers. To others, state sponsored laws have opened doors to bigotry and hate creating additional problems.
This distinctive motion picture will examine state sponsored immigration laws with an open, direct approach. There must be a balance among subjects including national security, job protection, labor concerns, and our economy.
We, at Panic Productions, plan to capture the thoughts, ideas, and personal stories of those drafting, promoting, and passing these laws.

PanicNation is a film that needs to be made to chronicle the deliberate misperceptions fueling this paranoia. The film will no doubt find itself housed in the historical archives of the Smithsonian one day when this chapter of our country’s history passes.
But for that to happen, the film has to be released and distributed.
In an email to Latina Lista, the producer/writer/director of PanicNation, George Adams, writes:

Raising capital for the production as quickly as possible is of the utmost urgency! Our goal is to complete the film by the end of November 2009 in observance of the second anniversary of HB-1804 and so that we may also host public screenings across the country to raise awareness of the need to address the immigration issue. Help us inform the country of the impact HB-1804 is having here in our own state before similar laws pass elsewhere! This is a big goal, but isn’t hard to reach… with your help! Please make our goal your goal.

Adams and his crew aren’t just asking for money to finish a very worthwhile project — they’re giving donors a little something in return.
On the donation page, everybody who donates, from $20 -$500, will get their name in the credits as a thank you plus individual “extra gifts” depending on the level of the donation.
Or checks can be sent and made payable to Panic Productions, LLC, 12101 N. MacArthur Blvd. , Suite A-401, Oklahoma City , OK 73162
It’s important that these stories be told and saved for posterity. So hopefully, this craziness won’t be repeated in our nation’s history — or even in our lifetime.

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