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Exploring Mutual Funds could be a first step in achieving financial peace

By Andres Gutierrez LatinaLista What is a mutual fund? A mutual fund is simply an account that contains the investments of a group of people. For example, if Hiram invests $100, Kaila invests $50, Andres invests $50, and everybody else invests $100, all of us together have mutually invested in a fund. That’s why they


Latina Cubicle Confidential™: Latinas in Retail — Is Your Employer Hurting Your Future?

By Dr. Maria G. Hernandez Latina Cubicle Confidential™ The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a third of Latinas in the workforce are in the service sector and another third are in sales or office jobs. On average, a cashier earns $9.52 per hour, and if they are lucky to work a full 40

Quick tips for getting the most from your income — no matter how much money you make

By Andres Gutierrez LatinaLista How long have you been in the same situation? Is this where you wanted to be 10 years ago? Did you ever say, “When I make this much (money) everything will be so much better”? If you’re making more now, are things really better? Getting to a better financial position doesn’t