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Quick tips for getting the most from your income — no matter how much money you make

By Andres Gutierrez LatinaLista How long have you been in the same situation? Is this where you wanted to be 10 years ago? Did you ever say, “When I make this much (money) everything will be so much better”? If you’re making more now, are things really better? Getting to a better financial position doesn’t

Loss of homes by Latino homeowners signals an erosion of equality in the nation

LatinaLista — As June, otherwise known as National Homeownership Month, draws to an end so does the American Dream for many Americans, especially Latino and black home owners. RealtyTrac reports that banks took back 54,844 properties last month, up 7 percent from April. This is a discouraging sign in an economy where Latino homeowners have

College Board releases college resource guide just for undocumented students

LatinaLista — In one of the strongest signals that the education community supports the DREAM Act — allowing undocumented students, who were brought to the US as children, attend college or enlist in the military and be put on a path to citizenship — the College Board released yesterday a state-specific resource guide for undocumented