Asthma Goes To College Ebook

By Dominique Browning
Moms Clean Air Force

We tend to feature little kids on our Moms Clean Air Force website — but we think our older ones are just as adorable, and (mostly) just as lovable. A while back we were talking about how wrenching it is to watch them troop off to college, beginning their adult lives away from home. Even trickier if we have concerns about their health.

So we created an e-book to tuck into their virtual backpacks: Asthma Goes to College.

Moms Clean Air Force is uniting to protect our children against global warming — every step of the way. It helps to keep in mind that climate change is really a simple air pollution issue — too many greenhouse gases disrupting the intricate (and awe-inspiring) balance of our atmosphere. And global warming affects our health. All air pollutions does.

Too much heat, too much ozone, and too much particulate matter fouling our air — all conspire to create an asthma epidemic the likes of which we have never seen in this country.

Time for it to end. But meanwhile, here are some thoughts for protecting our loved ones, big and small. Sent to you with a smile, and much love.


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