August 26, 2021

Does ‘the good for humanity’ ever enter into a judgement issued by the Supreme Court? One media outlet attempts to explain the Supreme Court’s ruling on Trump-era radical asylum policy; If immigrants, and all of us, were under the delusion that immigrants can fully embrace democracy once they’ve gotten their residency, think again. It seems there is a Big Brother watching; Where is the fastest shrinking city in America? ; and Both of today’s articles about Latin American countries underscore a pervasive problem, turning into a crisis. Go beyond the headlines…

The Supreme Court’s stunning, radical immigration decision, explained

How The Voting Rights Act Came To Be And How It’s Changed

Little-known federal software can trigger revocation of citizenship

Migrant children spend weeks at US shelters as more arrive

The fastest shrinking city in America

Rare ‘Einstein Ring’ captured by Hubble Telescope reveals depths of the universe

What eases grief? Try progressive muscle relaxation

LOVE unveils a modern video messaging app with a business model that puts users in control

Justice is failing the disappeared in Mexico, says US advocacy group

Colombia’s cemeteries may hold answers for families of disappeared

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