October 5, 2022

Being one of the richest countries in the world has served us well in helping/influencing/exerting-our-will with our allies and co-inhabitants of this planet. Yet, everything has a limit and it seems our national debt has reached it; The conservative justices on the Supreme Court are anticipated to impact the Voting Rights Act in a negative way. The strides and access towards making voting an equal opportunity is due to be dented because of differences in ideology and nada with compliance with The Constitution; Food insecurity is growing at exponential rates across the globe and exists in pockets of US communities. Yet, people get irrationally freaked out if food is perceived to be ‘expired’ and toss it immediately. It’s another case of “words matter.” For that reason, rewording expiration labels may stem the trend of unnecessary food waste, you think? and If you’ve noticed there’s more people going missing, whether trafficked or kidnapped, you’re not wrong. With social media and Amber Alerts, all of us are becoming more aware of missing people. Some get found, others, unfortunately, don’t. A new app wants to change those odds for the better. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s record public debt is about to hit the ceiling

Several conservative Supreme Court justices appear open to narrowing Voting Rights Act protections

Ukraine takes back dozens of towns in ‘annexed’ regions; Putin is ‘out of moves,’ ex-CIA chief says

Another COVID-19 variant could emerge this winter, Fauci says

‘Best Before’ labels scrutinized as food waste concerns grow

Hispanic students were once segregated at this school. Now it will be a historic site

Smart contacts monitor eyes for signs of glaucoma 24/7

Robotic Pill Aims to Replace Insulin Shots, Injected Antibiotics

New app hopes to help quickly locate missing children and adults

Colombia to restart peace talks with the country’s largest active guerrilla group

Guatemala’s rainforest is expanding thanks to community efforts

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