September 20, 2021

We’ve all seen the pictures of the thousands of migrants amassed at the US-Mexico border biding their time, remarkably patiently, until they get their turn at pleading their case. To help with the influx, Border Patrol has been having their own job fair; Are Dems back to square one with immigration reform?; The inequality of races is a topic that only one group of people in the country resist talking about. Hint: Not referring to GOP politicians (but they’re included); Innovation happens all the time. Just look how a Norwegian company redesigned wind farms; and Time magazine just named a young Mexican activist to their 100 list of global influencers. Go beyond the headlines…

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine works in kids ages 5 to 11

In A Blow To Democrats, Senate Official Blocks Immigration Reform In Budget Bill

Border Patrol hiring civilians to help agents respond to migrant surge

White parents resist really talking about race

Mexican traditions live on in California through female rodeo performers

Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise – here are the harms researchers have been documenting for years

Is this the future for aquariums?

New design for offshore wind farm has lots of fans

Oxygen shortage due to Covid in Nicaragua: ‘Stand in line and wait for a miracle’

Time magazine names Puebla “revenge porn” activist one of 100 most influential people

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