September 17, 2021

Human misery and desperation are escalating across the globe. We have only to turn our attention to the sea of humanity amassing at the Texas/Mexico border. The fact that a good portion of the 10+ thousand people congregating at the border aren’t Spanish-speaking speaks volumes to the fact that artificial border designations may becoming obsolete as climate and escalating violence drive people to find safe havens; The housing crisis goes beyond inventory shortages; Have scientists discovered how to stop breast cancer cells in their (multiplying) tracks?; A new collaboration app aims to bring joy to remote teams; and Grab your face masks and check out which local museums are opening their exhibits for free viewing Saturday (Sept. 18) in celebration of Museum Day! Go beyond the headlines…

Museum Day is back September 18! Visit free at participating museums

Biden blocked from expelling migrant families using Title 42

Number of migrants arriving at Del Rio border crossing increases to 10K+, mayor says

First look: Biden’s economic case for green cards

Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise – here are the harms researchers have been documenting for years

The housing crisis is the top concern for urban residents

Body composting a ‘green’ alternative to burial, cremation

Advanced imaging reveals breast cancer’s Achilles’ heel

A collaboration app designed to spark joy

Without intervention, war in Michoacán, Mexico will continue to escalate, conference warned

Venezuela judiciary aiding repression, UN finds

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