September 8, 2022

The Anti-Defamation League did us all a favor. They have released the Oath Keepers membership list and it underscores why MAGA is so sure there will be a Civil War in the US — and why they’ll win; It’s bad enough Putin invaded Ukraine but new reports find his vile quest for glory didn’t stop there; Good news, more US children had access to food in 2021. Bad news, another segment of the population had less; What scientists just discovered about 31,000-year-old human bones has left them in awe; AI scientists discovered what fuels hate speech and it’s something, unfortunately, mankind can’t control; The ‘Doomsday glacier’ has the world on edge; and In honor of Star Trek Day, the streaming service Paramount Plus is offering free streaming today (Sept. 8) of Star Trek shows! Live Long and Prosper…

A Leaked Oath Keepers Membership List Includes Elected Officials, Police Chiefs, And Military Members

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians forced to Russia, U.S. claims

Obamacare is under attack by Republican judges again. Here’s what’s at stake.

Food access increased for children in 2021, but decreased for adults living alone

Monkeypox cases dropping, but racial disparities growing

These 31,000-Year-Old Human Bones Are Rewriting Medical History

Watch Star Trek Day 2022 from Paramount Plus for free on Sept. 8

AI-based research reveals that extreme temperatures fuel online hate speech

‘Doomsday glacier’ is melting faster than thought, study finds

A New App For Serializing Backlist Titles

The story of Mexico’s national anthem and its banned verses

Inside U.S. efforts to stop human smuggling in Guatemala

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