Latinos flocking to online radio

By Sarah Inés Calderón
Más Wired

The number of Latinos listening to online radio has almost doubled in the past year, according to a report. The Media Audit just released a report that found that a total of 32.7% of Latinos listened to the top Internet radio stations in March, that’s 4.2 million people, and they are 35% more likely to listen to Internet radio than the rest of the population.

We previously wrote about how Pandora had been targeting the Latino community, whereas Spotify had basically been ignoring them. The results seem to be in:

A year ago just 13.5 percent of Hispanics listened to Pandora, today 28.7 percent of Hispanics in the top 10 markets reported listening to Pandora in the last month.

And in general, for Latino online radio listeners:

The dramatic 142 percent growth in Hispanic listeners in one year is matched by the 182 percent one year increase in Hispanic listeners who accessed iHeartradio, and 52 percent one year increase in the number of Hispanics who listened to

[Image Via Lisa Padilla]

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