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New Bilingual App Helps Heart Attack Patients


Latinos face higher rates of heart disease than other populations because of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, the American Heart Association reports.

There’s a new free app to give peace of mind for those who have recovered from a heart attack.

The CathMaps+ app has a GPS locator to find the nearest cath lab—an exam room with diagnostic imaging equipment to see the heart’s arteries and chambers and treat abnormalities—anywhere in the world and stores the user’s emergency medical records for immediate access, offering critical tools needed in an emergency incident.

“People who have had a heart attack are at significant risk of a repeat cardiac event in the future. If this happens, calling an ambulance and rushing to the nearest hospital with a cath lab is crucial. The nearest hospital is often not the same as the one the patient previously visited, and it is highly unlikely that the medical records will be on hand,” according to the CathMaps+ website.

The app is available in English and Spanish on iOS and Android devices.

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