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Grooming Latin America’s children to be the computer coders of mañana

LatinaLista — There’s a movement in Latin America to groom the next generation of computer coders that combines creating art with basic programming, lead by — a turtle!

It’s called TurtleArt (TortugArte).

TurtleArt is a platform focused on teaching children basic programming skills to primarily create art. While they’re having fun learning code that changes the colors of lines on their screens or drawing interlocking circles or transferring their imaginations onto the screen, they’re learning essential skills that they, and Latin America, will need in a future dominated by a knowledge economy.

In addition to creating art, TurtleArt also encompasses programming robots. The platform offers a range of entry points for children to get started with programming, from beginner lessons with art to more advanced lessons programming robots to move.

Throughout the month of October, TurtleArt Day activities have been planned for children in five Latin American countries, plus Malaysia. The event targets countries participating in the One Laptop Per Child program.

Launched in Caacupe, Paraguay in early October, TurtleArt primarily works with low-income children who already have a natural interest in using computers and a curiosity to see what they can create when the computer is their tool.

(Featured Photo: TurtleArt Day in Caacupe, Paraguay. PRNewsFoto/Sugar Labs)

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