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Young Latino Accomplishing Goal

La Costa Latina

PENSACOLA — At the young age of 20, Bryan Mejia accomplished what many college students struggle to do. He received his diploma and secured a job within his field.

On February 1, he celebrated his graduation from Fortis College and a mere two days later he started his job at All Pro Sound in Pensacola. His job as a technical commercial installer, which entails the audio and video set up of stages for concerts and other events, allows him to travel to various cities in the country for free.

His hard work combined with support of his parents allowed him to achieve his goals of receiving a diploma in the Electrical Trades Program and starting his career. Bryan was instilled with a strong work ethic by his parents Fernando and Millie Mejia (both Puerto Rican). They led by example and always encouraged their children to follow their dreams.

“I have always told my kids to shoot for the stars. Anything is possible, if you work hard enough,” Fernando said. “And when one of us succeeds, we all succeed,” he added.

Bryan heeded these words and…

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