December 3, 2021

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become the battle cry of on-the-edge conservatives ever since someone thought it was a great political ‘wedge issue.’ Whoever that political strategist was he/she was right. Yet, the majority of people don’t even know what CRT is all about or that Latinos helped shape it; Every pundit on both sides of the aisle speculate that the Supreme Court will gut Roe vs Wade. If they do, the number of women who lose abortion rights is a sizeable voting bloc; The United Nations just launched a symbol they hope becomes universally adopted to signal opposition against online violence; and New app strives to strengthen daily connection to God. Go beyond the headlines…

How Latinos shaped Critical Race Theory

Biden administration to restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ program under court order

65M women could lose abortion rights in Supreme Court case

Biden’s new winter COVID plan will reimburse you for at-home tests

Racism plagues US military academies

Pfizer or Moderna: Which COVID Vaccine Is Better?

UN launches ‘bodyright’ symbol against online violence

App helping Christians strengthen daily connection to God attracts swath of notable investors

Cuba’s first #LGBTQ hotel is welcoming guests back after the island reopened its borders 

Archaeologists Unearth 800-Year-Old Mummy in Peru

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