February 3, 2021

When the world entered the 21st Century, many hoped it would signal the start of not only a new century but a more inclusive world, a more enlightened and tolerant populace, technologically advanced societies and a renewed relationship with our own planet. With the exception of one area, how wrong we were: A new study shows just how many countries oppress their citizens by restricting Internet access; The race to correct climate grievances is getting shorter to win; and Researchers find exactly which workers are at highest risk of Covid-19 death. Yet, there is still good news and the debut book of Latina author Maldonado shows there’s a new generation on the horizon; And Netflix documentary about life after death has everyone rethinking the age-old question. Go beyond the headlines…

Line cooks, agriculture workers at highest risk of COVID-19 death: study

Internet blockages skyrocket amid global political unrest

3 ways Black people say their white co-workers and managers can support them and be an antidote to systemic racism

How Fast Will Biden Need To Move On Climate? Really, Really Fast

Debut author Crystal Maldonado wants you to rethink the way you view fatness

Study finds childhood diet has lifelong impact

Can science ‘prove’ there’s an afterlife? Netflix documentary says yes.

Super-light smart gel nets drinking water from air

Dozen state police charged in the massacre of 19 in Mexico

Coronavirus: What’s behind Latin America’s oxygen shortages?

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