February 2, 2021

During the ‘Days of Trump,’ it was common for the former president to dominate the headlines. Never before had a president took center stage on the airwaves and screens as often as Trump did – mostly for the wrong reasons. So, it’s deja vue to start and end each day with the Biden admin dominating our headlines. This time for good reasons — undoing Trump’s misdeeds. One of the first is creating a task force to begin correcting the most traumatically destructive orders of the Trump presidency; While immigration activists lament Trump’s record on deportations, investigators find a disturbing stat in these early days of the Biden admin. Yet, many think ICE is going rogue; Finally, Puerto Rico may get the money due them that Trump withheld from Hurricane Maria damage; and Archeologists just made a new discovery in one of the earliest excavated Aztec temples in Mexico. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to create task force to reunite families separated at border, sign order to review asylum program

Hundreds deported under Biden, including witness to massacre

Biden asks Supreme Court to cancel arguments on border wall, asylum cases

Biden administration moves to release billions of long-awaited Maria relief for Puerto Rico

Who’s getting the Covid vaccination? Often, it’s not those who might need it most.

Federal Scientists Confirm Virtual Tie For Hottest Year On Record

Research shows nasal spray that protects against COVID-19 is also effective against the common cold

Stock market revolution: How new apps like Robinhood are changing the game

Archaeologists Unearth 600-Year-Old Golden Eagle Sculpture at Aztec Temple

Brazil: viral rapper becomes unexpected champion of Covid vaccine drive

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