July 19, 2023

As the 2024 election campaigning ‘heats up,’ countless polls are appearing claiming to show how voters feel about the candidates and the issues. The one thing people forget is that polls are only a snapshot into voters’ sentiment. It changes. That’s what makes election night such a surprise; Is it any wonder that border crossings are at such low levels? However, and I didn’t link to the headline, what TX Gov. Abbott is doing to deter migrant crossings is enough, in my opinion, to try him for crimes against humanity – especially if a whistleblower’s claims are true; Like we don’t have enough labels on our products – all in extremely fine print – there’s another one that probably won’t make a difference to us but alerts us to the possibility of hacking; and Did you know that Mexico has over 112,000 unidentified bodies in their morgues? Finally, someone wants to give families closure. Go beyond the headlines…

Election 2024 Poll: How Voters Feel About Key Issues

Singapore now has the most powerful passport in the world, with the U.S slipping to eighth

Illegal border crossings dip to lowest level in over 2 years

The Federal Reserve says Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour boosted the economy. One market research firm estimates she could add $5 billion

There’s a handy new label to tell you if your gadget is easy to hack or not

Tips to save energy during summer heat

Interracial relationships don’t always make people less racist

World’s first biodegradable water bottle

The emerging forensic initiative to identify Mexico’s disappeared

UN unable to feed 100,000 Haitians this month amid ‘catastrophic’ conditions

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