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Video: Latina takes the medical, beauty and food industries to task for endangering public health

LatinaLista — Disease is big business, especially if the cure or treatment exceed the pocketbooks of many patients. The fact that medical debt drives people into bankruptcy and even to suicide or people are turned away from hospitals because of no insurance are signs that the US medical system may have its priorities switched — monetary gain for corporate investors before the health and well-being of the public.

As a result, to keep costs up, the medical system may not be as eager to find or promote alternative cures that could help people but cost less than the current prices.

“Sadly, the state of our nation’s health is a lucrative business opportunity, they put profits over people, turn a blind eye to regulation and ultimately cause diseases and other health problems. Then, they tell society the only way back to good health is through costly drugs and surgery, while shunning natural, alternative treatments,” says Carla Sánchez, chief executive officer and creative director of COS Productions and director of the documentary-in-progress Incurable Diseases” Is It a Business?

“Incurable Diseases” Is it a Business? compares costly, FDA-approved and sometimes extreme medical procedures used to treat diseases to curative alternative treatments available for a fraction of the cost. The documentary will also shed light on the controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how genetically modified food has been shown to cause immune dysfunction, organ damage and reproductive problems, yet is used widely in food products without proper labeling.

The film is nearing its final stages of production and Sánchez and her team created a crowdfunding campaign to help raise the $50,000 needed to finish the film.

For Sánchez, the film is more than just exposing the unhealthy side of the medical system. It’s a mission to bring justice to anyone who believes good health is a right.

We believe that by sharing this knowledge with the world, there will be more healthy people living their lives to their fullest. Money isn’t everything and certainly HEALTH is the most important gift from the Universe and GOD to us. However, in order to spread this information and reach a massive audience we need your support, we need your donations to complete this film and bring it to life.

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