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Mother’s Day Report Card reveals the highs and lows of where to be a mom

LatinaLista — Being a madre is a hard enough job these days without having to worry that the place a mom calls home may not be the best home for her or her child.
In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, the Save the Children organization has released their report card of the best countries to live to be a mom.

The Mother’s Day Report Card top 10 and bottom 10 countries to be a mom.
The Mother’s Day Report Card finds that the worst countries to be a mom are the usual suspects when it comes to poor quality of life — basically subSahara Africa.
The top countries to be a mom are in Europe, the South Pacific and Iceland. The United States ranked 27.
The report has some interesting findings:

Peru, of all the countries examined, has the highest survival gap between poor and wealthy children. What that means is that the poorest Peruvian children are 7.4 times more likely to die than the richest Peruvian children.
An alarming number of countries are failing to provide the most basic health care that would save children’s lives. In each of 55 developing countries – which together account for 83 percent of child deaths – more than 30 percent of children do not get basic health care when they need it. Nearly 200 million children under 5 in these countries are missing out on lifesaving interventions such as prenatal care,skilled
assistance during birth, immunizations,and treatment for diarrhea and pneumonia.
Every minute,a woman meets her death during pregnancy or childbirth.

Yet, this report card just isn’t a doom-and-gloom report with no hope offered. The authors of the report do offer practical solutions.
It’s just up to the governments of those countries to realize that they can do something to improve the lives of children and mothers in their countries — if they want to.

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