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New campaign emphasizes that Latinos are more than their papers

LatinaLista– Since Arizona passed SB 1070, there have been protest marches, rallies, resolutions passed and boycotts enacted. Now, there is a new campaign to show disgust with the new law and how it plans to be implemented.


The campaign, Ask Me For My Papers!, is by Democracia-Ahora and is handing out wristbands with the slogan for everyone who signs their online petition.

This law has reduced the identity of Latinos in the US to immigration papers. But, green cards and birth certificates aren’t the only papers that define our community. When someone asks us for our papers, they should also expect to get other papers that show our contributions to the greatness of this country,” said Jorge Mursuli, President of Democracia Ahora. “No matter how you wordsmith the law, it will result in racial profiling and undue harassment for thousands of Hispanics in the state of Arizona and if this law is replicated in other states it will affect millions of Latinos.”

The organization plans to distribute 20,000 wristbands to elected officials and community leaders across the country. To counter the negative impression of SB 1070 regarding Latinos, Democracia Ahora has also created a video campaign highlighting the positive contributions of Latinos in a variety of fields and industries.

In addition, the organization is remaining vigilant about how other states handle the immigration issue.

As part of the campaign Democracia Ahora’s field operation in 12 regional offices, including: Tucson, AZ; Miami, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach, FL; Philadelphia and Reading, PA; Houston, TX; Pennsauken, NJ; Pueblo, CO; Las Vegas, NV and Washington, D.C. are closely monitoring the actions taken by the federal government and each state.

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  • Arlene Estrada
    June 10, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I do not want to worry about racial profiling, nor do I want my children or grandchildren watching their backs because of racial profiling. It’s Arizona now and next it could be my state of California! Even if I did not live in the states I would hate what is happening to our people in Arizona. We need to stand together as brothers and sisters and stop what is happening in Arizona.. I wish I could attach the sticker I saw with a fist up in the air with the words “REVOLTION”..

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