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Virtual art gallery donates money to the hungry for every person who creates bread art

LatinaLista — Rising food prices, growing unemployment and a spiraling economy add up to a very sad reality — more people going hungry in this country.
The national hunger-relief organization in the country, Feeding America, reports that more people than ever are requiring emergency food assistance. Aside from dropping off canned goods at your local food pantry, people everywhere feel somewhat helpless in knowing how to help.

Latina Lista Bread Art
Well, a new site is trying to make helping the hungry easier and it only takes a few minutes and a little creativity.
It’s called The Bread Art Project and it was created by the Grain Foods Foundation to increase awareness of the country’s hunger problem. The Foundation is donating $50,000 to Feeding America but they will donate $100,000 more if people create bread art.
At The Bread Art Project web site, visitors enter a very cool art gallery where all the art hanging on the walls are pieces of bread decorated with either photos or illustrations by the artists who created them.
You don’t have to be a professional artist. Simply choose the shade of your bread (toasted or not toasted), upload an image or create one freehand using the supplied online tools, save it. It will be reviewed and then hung in the gallery.
For each person who creates a piece of bread art, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate an additional dollar to Feeding America — the max will be $100,000.
There’s no easier way to help the hungry — so what are you waiting for?

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