March 31, 2021

The Biden administration is touting a “sweeping American Jobs Plan.” The idea that everyone whose lost a job because of this pandemic could suddenly find a new job sounds like a too good to be true scenario. Time will tell; Words matter! That’s why Biden admin is looking to delete one particular word in immigration policy manuals; Does PBS have a problem with diversity when choosing filmmakers’ projects?; A new dinosaur discovery causes ‘fear’; and Seville, Spain uses their most abundant resource to ‘fuel’ daily needs. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden unveils sweeping American Jobs Plan

With older Americans largely vaccinated, more new COVID-19 cases among younger adults

“Alien” Will Be Removed From An Immigration Policy Manual Under A Biden Administration Plan

Latinos underrepresented on corporate boards – report

Filmmakers Call Out PBS For A Lack Of Diversity, Over-Reliance On Ken Burns

Long spaceflights and endurance swimming can ‘shrink the heart’

Newly discovered species of dinosaur was ‘one who causes fear’

Seville’s oranges are being used to generate electricity

Is a symbol of rebellion once known worldwide dying out in Chiapas?

Costa Rica reiterates call for international collaboration to face Covid

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