April 12, 2022

To say Putin has met his match with Ukraine’s President Zelensky is an understatement. Proof: Putin’s allies in Russia are publicly declaring that they need to help their “friend” Donald Trump back into office. With more GOP candidates going on the record of supporting Putin — one even compared Zelensky to Osama bin Laden — the threat to our own democracy is growing, and we better start paying attention; Rape has always been weaponized during times of war but the sickening stories emerging of Russian occupation against Ukrainian women only adds to the long list of war crimes. Will there be justice for these women?; Inflation is getting higher and we’re all suffering but new study finds just how much older Americans are bearing the brunt; New app calls a lawyer when police stop you for a traffic stop; and Chile starts to ration water. Go beyond the headlines…

Stories of sexual violence against Ukrainian women from Russian forces

Russia-Ukraine war worsens fertilizer crunch, risking food supplies

National Urban League’s dire democracy warning

Sticker shock: March inflation likely set new 40-year high

Latinos Are Least Reported Enrollment Group in Clinical Trials: Study

1 in 5 older Americans don’t get enough to eat

Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays Are Brighter Than Ever

App would provide real-time lawyer during traffic stops

After 100 years as a prison, Mexico’s Islas Marías nearly ready as tourist destination

Chile announces unprecedented plan to ration water as drought enters 13th year

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