April 13, 2022

According to Putin, peace talks with Ukraine are at a “dead end.” It’s a more definitive sign of how long Ukrainians will suffer Russian occupation. Another sign is the prisoner swap now proposed by Ukraine’s President Zelensky; TX Gov, in a quest to appeal to Trump and his base, is making a mess at the US-MX border and truckers aren’t taking it sitting down; A federal judge just ruled against undocumented university students, and it’s not good; One FL student created an LGBTQ history lesson that has gone viral; and If you want to have a healthier brain, you just need to do this simple, but hard, exercise. If we could all master it, the world would be a better place. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy offers prisoner swap with Moscow; over 3,000 criminal proceedings opened against Russian military

Trade halted at border over protests against Texas governor’s inspections

Federal judge rules TX university can’t charge out-of-state students more tuition than undocumented students

We’re not in a recession

Florida student goes viral after giving classmates an LGBTQ history lesson

Teen Overdose Deaths Have Soared, Even Though Drug Use Hasn’t

The Power Of Kindness In Improving Brain Health

FastBot is a new iPhone app for tracking intermittent fasting

UN missing persons report: Mexican abductions of youths, women rising; impunity ‘almost absolute’

Celebrating and Supporting Guatemalan Women Anti-Corruption Fighters and Champions of Democracy

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