April 12, 2023

The pandemic, aka Covid, ushered in a number of life changes. Most notably, remote working and relocating to destinations, where we might have always wanted to live, but remained a dream until Covid came along. Now we know how many seized their dream and the numbers are impressive; Ukraine’s Zelenskyy reacts to a video of a barbaric Russian video showing them beheading a Ukrainian soldier; Why the future of the West ebbs and flows as goes the water; NASA unveils where astronauts to Mars will live; and Innovation is accelerating the use of ChatGPT in our daily lives – even in our eyewear now! Go beyond the headlines…

Two million people fled America’s big cities from 2020 to 2022

Russian soldiers are ‘beasts,’ Zelenskyy says over beheading video

States face unprecedented water supply cuts under Colorado River plan

Gov’t to start looking for bias in small business lending

PepsiCo to elevate Hispanic entrepreneurs through latest accelerator program

Ancient Vesuvius Victims Were Vaporized, Had Brains Turned to Glass

NASA unveils 3D-printed Mars habitat where 4 people will live for a year

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. Launches The First ChatGPT Enabled Smart Eyewear

Pre-Hispanic ball game marker disc found in Chichén Itzá

Financial Chaos at 12,000 Feet: Dollars Are Vanishing in Bolivia

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