April 12, 2024

According to a new poll, despair is making young men in the US more “conservative” as the presidential election nears. Could that be true? Well, in this case, I believe “conservative” translates into ‘playing it safe,’ not rocking the boat, especially with inflation still raging and employers downsizing without a moment’s notice. If there was one generation who always bucks the conservative label, in the traditional sense, it’s the younger generation. Historically, they’re the risk-takers, the ones who advocate for change. With finances shaky — a new report reveals workers actually only earn half of the income their labor generates — it makes sense that this generation would be conservative in their outlook for their well-being, but to suggest that extends into their politics begs the question: Who exactly was polled?; Palestinians in Gaza are starving, according to US officials; A UN climate scientist just delivered the most dire warning yet; Are you left-handed? Scientists have finally discovered why some people are ‘lefties’ and the rest not; Ever forget where you’ve vacuumed? Dyson has an app to help with that; and Water is drying up all around the world. The latest international city struggling to keep its people hydrated is now rationing showers — to 4 minutes. Go beyond the headlines…

Despair makes young US men more conservative ahead of US election, poll shows

USAID administrator says it is ‘credible’ to assess famine is already occurring in parts of Gaza

International migrants were attracted to large urban counties last year, Census Bureau data shows

Workers used to earn about two-thirds of the income their labor generates. Now, it’s just over half.

Talking to Americans reveals the diversity behind the shared opinion ‘the country is on the wrong track’

“Two years left to save the world”: Top UN climate official elevates the stakes

Why Are Some People Left-Handed? Scientists Identify Rare Genetic Variants That May Be Linked to the Trait

Dyson’s AR app shows you where you’ve vacuumed

Strong US Construction Sector, A Leading Employer of Mexican Migrants Drives Record Remittances

Colombia drought: Four-minute showers – a parched Bogota rations water

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