April 15, 2024

Former President Trump likes to boast — a lot. He claims to be the first, and best, at anything he thinks bolsters his image. However, what is happening today hardly enhances his standing in the nation or history. He will be the first US president to face a criminal trial. Ironically, he’s not boasting about it; Inflation is hitting everyone around the world. As we see in our own country, it’s worse for some than others. It’s proof of a widening money gap between the have’s and the have-nots. It’s not just a US problem. The World Bank just sounded an alarm that should make developed countries very nervous; It seem home ownership isn’t the only strain on the family budget. Owning a car is quickly going from a ‘rite of passage’ to an ‘American Dream;’ Researchers discovered another reason why we all should exercise; and Do you airchat? Go beyond the headlines…

New Survey Shows Why Women Feel Behind on Financial Goals

World Bank sounds alarm on ‘historical reversal’ of development for poorest nations

Trump to make history as first US president to face criminal trial

The wallet-busting era of car ownership

Employers Admit They’re Breaking the Law When Hiring People

A Study Reveals Trees Have Hidden Clocks—and They’ve Started Going Haywire

Exercise Can Cut Specific Fat In Cells That Indicate Aging

Airchat, a social app built around talk, not text

Pope Francis sides with Peruvian villagers who accused Catholic group of trying to steal their land

Bolivian Indigenous groups assert claim to treasure of ‘holy grail of shipwrecks’

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