April 11, 2024

While the GOP likes to boast that they are swaying more Hispanics to support Trump, it’s also true, via a recent survey, that many Latinos fear Trump returning to office. His ‘red meat’ rhetoric to his base declaring that there would be mass arrests and deportations of Hispanic migrants if he were to win back the White House has a lot of us on edge. Why? Because the GOP has become known as the “shoot first, ask questions later” party. Meaning that many innocent Latinos would most likely be caught up in such sweeps, forcing Latinos to do something many, according to a new survey, feel they already have to do — be less Latino; France is worried and is preparing for naval warfare; Finally, the DOJ has a plan to address one part of gun violence; Researchers say how we run depends on our personality; and Another new app debuts to combat loneliness – buffet-style. Go beyond the headlines…

New Nationwide Study Finds Majority of U.S. Hispanic Employees Experience Pressure to Assimilate and Downplay Aspects of their Personality in Order to Succeed at Work

France prepares for naval warfare against an enemy that ‘wants to destroy us’

Drug shortages reach all-time high

For women who stay single, the pressure is higher to save more for retirement

Here’s the new plan to boost background checks for guns bought at shows or online

Archaeological site is discovered within the boundaries of Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico

Running style may be linked to personality type, study suggests

New app tackles the loneliness epidemic by connecting people in the real world

Weeks-long manhunt in Brazil shows dramatic expansion of two main gangs into Amazon

With one of the highest internal displacements in the world, Colombians struggle to live in a basketball stadium

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