April 14, 2022

Last night, the Ukrainians scored a hit on Russia’s flagship warship while protecting its waters in the Black Sea. However, the UN warns that water may yet be the downfall of the country; The first buses sent by TX governor filled with migrants reach DC; Inflation is hurting everyone but women may be taking the worst of the brunt; 27% of women share this experience before the age of 50; Archeologists just discovered evidence of a Maya calendar inside a pyramid not in Mexico; Don’t know which wine works best with your dinner? There’s an app for that; and Survival trainer offers free classes to Nicaraguans getting ready to make the trek into the US at US/MX border. Go beyond the headlines…

UN: Ukraine water system “at risk of complete collapse”

Bus with migrants sent by Texas governor arrives in DC

Inflation is hurting women at the grocery store. Some are eating less in order to feed their families.

27 percent of women face intimate partner violence before 50

What’s the difference between race and ethnicity?

Harvard scientists discover 1st interstellar meteor to collide with Earth, US military confirms

Earliest evidence of Maya calendar found inside Guatemalan pyramid

New App Pairs Over 900 Types of Wine with 2,000 Recipes

Mexico’s AMLO prepares to nationalize lithium in case ‘traitors’ vote down his electricity reform

Nicaraguans Learn to Swim to Overcome the Rio Bravo and Reach the U.S.

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