April 14, 2020

It is a sad day in our nation when our President throws what amounts to as a temper tantrum because he doesn’t feel the media is giving him the credit he deserves (in his mind) during this global pandemic. Not to mention, this is a president who doesn’t know the US Constitution and feels being president gives him “absolute” powers, like a king? It doesn’t. Among today’s headlines: Why is the Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ being played?; Why are public health officials fighting with the Trump White House?; and Have you heard the one about 5G and the coronavirus? You’re not alone. Newsguard Misinformation Monitor identifies these 132 websites pushing cononavirus conspiracy theories; and Soon, everyone will get Apple and Google’s new contact tracing app for their phone. Go beyond the headlines…

The Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Is Being Used to Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19. Here’s the History Behind the Lyrics

Public health officials prod Trump’s team for minority data

Online campaigning poses new challenge for reaching minorities

Detained immigrants plead for masks, protection from virus

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Elmo team up for ‘Sesame Street’ coronavirus special

132 websites are pushing coronavirus conspiracy theories, says Newsguard Misinformation Monitor

Your April 15 mortgage payment is officially late: Here’s what you can do

Here’s how you’ll get Apple and Google’s new contact tracing app for your phone

Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega hasn’t been seen in a month

‘We’re abandoned to our own luck’: coronavirus menaces Brazil’s favelas

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