April 15, 2020

So, is the country as a whole “flattening the curve” or is it just New York City? Coronavirus is still spreading and here’s a map that shows how quickly it is state-by-state; New UCLA report underscores the pain that’s on the horizon for many of these businesses; One San Antonio artist got bored and came up with a new twist on an old game; and Scientists discover the Amazon is littered with “forest islands.” Go beyond the headlines…

Tracking The Pandemic: How Quickly Is The Coronavirus Spreading State By State?

UCLA report: Many in Latino neighborhoods ineligible for CARES Act funds

More than three dozen migrant children in Chicago shelters infected with coronavirus

Bill Gates says Trump’s decision to halt WHO funding is ‘as dangerous as it sounds’

This San Antonio Artist Made COVID-19 Loteria Cards

Weird star explosion is brightest supernova ever seen

On-off social distancing may be needed until 2022: Harvard study

The film fest is streaming Latino films and music for free

Coronavirus crisis deepens Mexico’s misery

Strange Forest Patches Littering The Amazon Point to Agriculture 10,000 Years Ago

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