April 15, 2022

So far, Russia is losing ground in Ukraine. So, of course, their saber rattling gets louder and more menacing; Yet, though the world is keeping track of Russia’s atrocities, there’s one Ukrainian woman whose job is to keep track and make Putin pay; Border officials blasted Texas Gov. Abbot for bussing migrants to DC and increasing vehicle inspections. Gasp…could this just be a show to appeal to Trump and his base? You know it is. Sad that kind of drooling adoration disregards the risk it’s putting on the nation and the economy. Trade officials say thanks to Abbot food prices will increase yet even more; 9000 NFTs will be used as fundraisers in George Floyd’s memory; and An app that pays alcoholics not to drink? Go beyond the headlines…

Russia threatens to increase bombings on Kyiv

War Crimes Watch: The woman who would make Putin pay

Top U.S. border official says busing migrants out of Texas complicates federal officials’ jobs

‘Storm clouds’ ahead for U.S. economy later this year?

Congressional Hispanic staffers ask for pay hike in open letter

‘Forever chemicals’ linked to higher diabetes risk for women

9,000 digital art NFTs are being released to raise funds in George Floyd’s memory

New app pays alcoholics $5 per day to not drink

Disappearances of women in Nuevo León triggers new search protocol

Facing hunger, Peru’s poor band together with ‘common pots’

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