April 18, 2022

The fighting in the Ukraine continues. Now, a city considered a refuge for the fleeing is being bombed while the villages are cleaning up their dead after Russians retreat; Polls say Hispanics are increasingly becoming disillusioned with Biden and Dems. Yet, is there any thought being given that it’s the GOP who’s trying to take away our votes, restrict women’s rights and still favor the wealthy to pay less in taxes and burden those of us who aren’t? I don’t think so; Why is an immigration surge happening at the border now?; Scientists discover ‘missing link’ in severe form of asthma and can now work on a new therapy; and A new device translates images and webpages into braille. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine says Russian strikes on Lviv kill at least 7

‘This land is in blood’: A Ukraine village digs up the dead

Polls spell trouble for Biden with Hispanic voters

‘A slap in the face’: House Dems’ super PAC sparks Latino backlash

U.S. arrests 210,000 migrants at Mexico border in March, rivaling record highs

National Park Service Adds 16 New Underground Railroad Sites to Commemorative Network

Scientists discover ‘missing link’ in a severe form of asthma, paving the way to new therapy

An AI-powered device translates images and webpages into braille

The war next door: Conflict in Mexico is displacing thousands

A Bolivian Hotel Doubles as a Platform for Local Artists, and Other News

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