April 16, 2024

A selling point in any national political contest between opposing parties has always been if the party in power has kept people safe. Not so much on the international stage but within its own borders. The GOP like to say that the Democrats have made the country less safe and continually claim the country is more violent now than ever before. However, the data doesn’t show that scenario. In fact, it shows a different reality that bucks “alternative facts;” Do you know where Myanmar is? A recent UN report finds it’s a country worse off than believed; Every week, there is a headline about gun deaths. A new analysis finds that the majority of gun deaths aren’t from what we think; A global event is occurring in our oceans and scientists don’t like it one bit; Think blinking your eyes is sexy? Or just necessary to keep our eyeballs wet? Seems there’s an even more important reason that we just never knew; and While we all embraced remote working, there’s a dark underside that many don’t even think about — until it’s too late. Go beyond the headlines…

Number of homicides plummets in major U.S. cities

Middle class wiped out: Half of Myanmar’s people forced into poverty by civil war, UN report finds

Suicides make up majority of gun deaths, but remain overlooked in gun violence debate

The hidden price of leaving a big city to work remotely

‘Political confidence’ has a darker side

Scientists warn of massive ocean problem as fourth global coral bleaching event is underway

Blinking found to do more than simply wet the eyes

Limitless is a new AI tool for your meetings — and an all-hearing wearable gadget

General goes on trial for genocide, 40 years after Guatemala’s bloody civil war

Mexico saw unprecedented numbers of undocumented migrants arrive in 2023

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