April 17, 2024

Israel’s intense retaliation on Hamas in Gaza has drawn worldwide condemnation for all the lives of innocent Palestinians caught in the (figuratively-speaking) crossfire. Condemnation of Israel has permeated our college campuses and Main Street USA, with an astonishing rise in antisemitism, according to the ADL; The Department of Homeland Security is releasing a new tool to combat online child sex exploitation; Caitlin Clark is a phenomenal women’s basketball player. So, why do 3 NBA mascots make more than her new WNBA rookie contract? Pay inequality has gone on for too long; No woman enjoys wearing high heels, especially for prolonged periods. Yet, kinesiologist released findings of a new study that says high heels aren’t all that bad, but pretty good for women; Anyone, who has ever seen a loved one spiral down with dementia, is often struck with the thought, “Will this happen to me?” A new exam can predict your dementia fate 12 years before it happens; and If you’ve dodged the dementia bullet and want to live a long, healthy life, there’s a particular region in Central America where people are doing just that. Go beyond the headlines…

ADL says antisemitic incidents in U.S. surged 140% in 2023

The US is losing access to its bases in Niger − here’s why that’s a big deal

Exclusive: Mayorkas’ newest weapon against the explosion of online child sex exploitation

3 NBA mascots earn more than Caitlin Clark’s entire WNBA rookie contract

Here’s what new LED lightbulb standards mean for American households

Kinesiologist Finds Unexpected Benefit to Wearing High Heels

Your Vision Can Predict Dementia 12 Years Before Diagnosis, Study Finds

Ship2Mates™ Launches First-of-its-kind Multi-services App, Connecting Boating Enthusiasts and Essential Marine Services

First heat wave of the season brings scorching temperatures across Mexico

The Central American region where people live longest

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