April 18, 2024

When the legalization of cannabis first began to sweep the nation, the intentional use was for medical purposes. However, recreational users soon overtook the market. Now, a new study highlights just who is using the most weed; Ever think of Sudan? We all should; Russian hackers are bad news. We see their handiwork on an almost monthly basis when they hold business data for ransom. Now, at the direction of Putin, they’re raising the stakes and this time they may not ask for money; Seems states botched more executions of Black prisoners and experts think they know why; and Sorry, but scientists are saying that the connection is real between cats and suffering from schizophrenia. Go beyond the headlines…

Cannabis Use Greatest Among Lower-Income and Less Educated

‘No one is concerned about us’: Sudan on brink of collapse and starvation

US Water Supply Targeted by Russian Hackers: Report

Who the U.S. economic safety net leaves behind

States botched more executions of Black prisoners. Experts think they know why

Researchers find lower grades given to students with surnames that come later in alphabetical order

Mysterious Link Between Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Finds

New app lets you create music with people around the world

Ecuador rations power as Andean drought tightens grip

It’s Still AMLO’s Mexico Whoever Succeeds Him

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