April 19, 2024

I thought the polls had to be wrong. How could Latinos throw their support behind Trump, endorse the border wall and be in favor of limiting migration into the US? Then I saw this study. It’s long been known in Latino communities that any policy targeting immigrants — which always seems to be synonymous with Latinos — always impacts US-born Latinos. Remember racial profiling? Latino drivers continue to suffer from this unspoken practice by many community police departments. With states trying to pass bills to make it easier to find and deport undocumented immigrants, a real fear among US-born Latinos is that we, and our families, will be caught up in these manic sweeps in the name of the ‘rule of law.’ In these cases, ‘constitutional rights’ are ignored and deemed to not apply; Who takes out student loans? Anyone who isn’t a trust fund baby or whose daddy or mommy made enough money in their careers to save towards their children’s future education. So, that means many low-income students are forced to take out loans to pay it back later when they get that dream job. However, today’s reality paints a very different picture of what is really happening; Gerrymandering is a despicable act by political parties of ‘stacking’ the electoral odds in their favor. Usually when these cases come before the Supreme Court, it’s because Blacks or Latinos have been disenfranchised in their states because of this practice. Yet, there’s another group who rarely gets the notice they deserve for fair political voting; and Who would have thought the “humble can” could get a makeover? Go beyond the headlines…

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