April 22, 2024

Over the decades, the rest of the world has caught up, and in many cases, surpassed the United States when it comes to the ‘American Dream.’ Other developed countries, and a few less developed, have less gun violence, rank higher on the global “happiness” index, provide more services for the elderly and lowest income, provide college educations, recognize women’s right to choose and roles in government and on corporate boards, mandate a work/life balance AND have less people suffering from something the US now leads the planet in inflicting on its own; The world watched as the GOP-led House of Representatives took their sweet time approving more aid to Ukraine, while Russia advanced and destroyed more of Ukraine’s territory. The rage of leaving Ukraine defenseless spurred a group of brave Slovaks who decided to take it upon themselves to get Ukraine more aid; If you’re low-income, meaning you must decide on a weekly basis what gets paid versus put on hold, then banks have some bad news; A new map showing who has to drive the farthest to get an abortion isn’t surprising when looked through a partisan lens. The surprising part is who the majority of women are; and It may be cool in parts of the US but there are unprecedented heat waves rippling across the planet. Scientists aren’t surprised and highlight a new report that has dismal forecasts. Go beyond the headlines…

The Hunger Stat That Shames America

Slovaks crowd-fund ammo for Ukraine

Biden to tout first job listings in American Climate Corps program at Earth Day event

US consumers on lower incomes face loan stress while banks pull back

Exclusive: Who drives the furthest to get an abortion

For The First Time, Scientists Showed Structural, Brain-Wide Changes During Menstruation

Planet sees 10 straight months of record-breaking heat

How a new app could help protect your personal data

Toltec ‘yoga’ taking Mexico by storm

The dark past of Argentina’s detention centers

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