April 20, 2023

Can US politics really be boiled down to differences between Liberals and Conservatives? Social scientists think otherwise; The UK is detecting Russian submarines moving in ‘strange routes.’ Clearly up to something; The age-old question: Are Brazilians Hispanic?; A Pentagon official told Congress that UFO sightings are up but no proof of aliens – yet. Should we believe him?; It’s an El Niño year! That portends really bad news for our weather; and Yes, a new study finds there really is a mind-body connection. Go beyond the headlines…

To understand American politics, you need to move beyond left and right

Multiple Russian Submarines Moving in ‘Strange Routes,’ U.K. Says

Are Brazilians Hispanic? Many say ‘yes,’ report says

UFO sightings are up, but no proof of aliens yet, Pentagon official says

An Underseas Cable to Power Puerto Rico

Rapidly developing El Niño set to boost global warming

Mind-body connection is built into brain, study suggests

New phone app using AI tracks caloric intake for cancer patients

Mexico’s Elena Reygadas named world’s best female chef

A Giant Telescope Grows in Chile

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