April 21, 2023

Do Americans really love their guns or have we all been forced to arm ourselves against those who treat gun ownership as casually as owning a car? Either reason may explain why almost 60 million guns were bought by Americans during the pandemic; NATO agrees that Ukraine will become a member. So, are they waiting till the country is completely bombed?; Beware of those who characterize the Jan. 6 riot as nothing more than a protest. It seems they’ve created a song to further their lies; Scientists link 3 food factors to the global rise of Type 2 diabetes; All of us have marveled at how many of the ancient Mayan buildings and artifacts have survived the test of time. Now archeologists have discovered the secret ingredient used by Mayan artisans; and Ever try to hold a group chat with friends and family and get frustrated? A new app wants to make it a more enjoyable experience. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans bought almost 60 million guns during the pandemic

NATO Agrees Ukraine Will Become a Member

State politics are driving high schoolers’ college decisions

Revisionists attempt to whitewash Jan. 6 riot with ‘Justice for All’ song

As digital activists, teens of color turn to social media to fight for a more just world

3 Food factors linked to global rate of Type 2 diabetes

Secret ingredient in durable Maya plaster discovered

Wavelength is a new app trying to make group chat suck less

Argentina’s economy teeters on the edge of deeper crisis as market anxiety grows- Reuters Poll

Costa Rica Was the ‘Happiest Country on Earth.’ Now It’s a Base for Drug Traffickers.

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