April 24, 2023

Youtube is rampant with economic doomsayers these days. From those who claim we are days away from our own 1930s-type Depression to others who are heralding a change on the horizon of a new World Order (meaning the US will no longer be seen as a global leader in finance, innovation, business, etc.), it has many of us apprehensive as to what the future holds. Whatever the future, a present-day poll shows the majority of Americans don’t like our current political choices for 2024 presidential election; Corruption and violence have always been factors driving migrants to the US. Now, in partial protest to the detention deaths that happened in Juarez, but more to escape their violence-prone living conditions back home, over 3,000 migrants are marching towards the US-Mexico border. This may be the Biden’s admin’s biggest test on immigration yet; Agricultural scientist creates a ‘purple’ tomato that looks like a tomato, tastes like a tomato but has the health benefits of a blueberry; One of Bolivia’s iconic lakes disappears thanks to a 20-year drought. Go beyond the headlines…

Majorities don’t want Biden, Trump to run in 2024: survey

World military spending reaches all-time high of $2.24 trillion

New migrant caravan heads for Mexico City to speed up legal route to US

Our lawmakers are more religious than we are

Is this a soft landing or the start of a recession?

Extreme weather is nearly universal experience: AP-NORC poll

New breeding program produces purple tomatoes with same healthy compound found in blueberries

Solar-powered water panel captures moisture from the air

Ukraine’s President Zelensky addresses Mexico lawmakers

Earth Day: Bolivia’s Lake Poopo disappears amid 20-year drought

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