April 26, 2022

On the one side, whispers caution starting WWIII. On the other, the threat of WWIII is used as a tool to intimidate. However, no amount of talk of WWIII will deter aiding Ukraine’s fight for their democracy or their global support to fight for their sovereignty, even if Russia becomes more desperate; FL Gov. DeSantis just signed into law a disturbing bill that could actually endanger many Floridian voters; New study finds Latinos are finally prioritizing something else above work; and New app claims to save your life with just “3 simple words.” Go beyond the headlines…

Russia-Ukraine war: U.S. to push NATO allies for military aid as Moscow warns West of World War III dangers

Ukraine’s Zelensky Reveals Hard Line for Ending Russia-Putin Peace Talks

FL Gov. DeSantis signs bill creating one of the nation’s only election police units

Will the Supreme Court be as deferential to Biden on immigration as it was to Trump?

Latinos increasingly prioritizing their health over work

Commuting To Work Can Be Bad For Your Health, Research Shows. Here’s Why.

New evidence of how exercise can counter diabetes damage

Find Yourself Lost? This New App Can Save Your Life With 3 Simple Words

During the week that a woman was being sought in Nuevo León, 80 others disappeared

El Salvador anti-gang measures ‘a success’ as 17,000 held

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