April 26, 2021

What’s not clarified in coverage of the nascent Biden administration is that the challenges Republicans are using to rake their nemesis over the coals: immigration, China relations, vaccines, rise in violence against people of color, etc became issues because of the GOP, namely Trump. So, where does Biden stand after 100 days in office?; Congress could get a big makeover thanks to the US Census; If a warming planet wasn’t bad enough, climate change just “shifted” things in a big way; and Gender violence is so extreme in one Mexican state that lawmakers were compelled to pass a new law to help women defend themselves. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s first 100 days: Where he stands on key promises

Border Lawmakers See Different Answers to Immigration Quandary

Census To Release 1st Results That Shift Electoral College, House Seats

Diversity takes center stage at the Oscars

Climate has shifted the axis of the Earth

Real-Life Photos Of The Hubble Telescope Look Too Strange To Be True

This supermoon has a twist – expect flooding, but a lunar cycle is masking effects of sea level rise

Students create new app to “Bridge” others with networking opportunities

Pamplona blames jab rollout for another summer without bulls

Mexican state Morelos legalizes use of various defensive weapons—by women

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